I can help you OR your teen develop skills to better manage anxiety

Are you or someone you love highly stressed, consistently irritable or unable to relax? Do you strive for perfection and struggle to move on from mistakes, even to the point where the pressure to succeed almost paralyzes you? Perhaps you are suffering from insomnia or you’ve noticed changes in eating or other sleeping patterns. Or maybe you’re trying to mitigate anxiety by abusing substances, self-harming or procrastinating. Do you often complain of physical discomforts, such as headaches, stomachaches or a rapid heartbeat? Are your racing and sometimes illogical thoughts negatively impacting your self-esteem or ability to maintain focus? Do you wish you had the insight and tools to find relief from anxiety and learn how to deal with life’s stressors in healthy ways?

Anxiety Is Increasingly Common

Once considered “Prozac Nation,” we are increasingly becoming the “United States of Xanax.” People of all ages are under an increasing amount of pressure to excel, whether in school, career, sports, peer relationships, romantic relationships, parenting, managing a household, or other activities.

Teens in particular attempt to juggle multiple extracurricular activities on top of a demanding schoolwork load. They get to bed late and are up early as they strive to make top grades so they can get into a top college. The push to get and stay ahead can put teens on edge and keep them consumed with worrisome thoughts, which stresses their undeveloped brains and nervous systems. And, if they think that they’re not performing optimally, teens can feel that they are failures or lacking in some fundamental way. As stress and anxiety take over, these teens experience decreased self-esteem, somatic discomforts and restlessness. Many also develop poor stress management practices and engage in destructive behaviors to cope with their anxious thoughts and feelings.

It’s common for teens to experience stress, and some amount of stress is normal. However, if your teen is engaging in self-harm, you see a noticeable change in behavior, you child suffers from low self-esteem, or anxiety is affecting your teen’s ability to feel good and function well, getting help may be critical to his or her immediate and long-term well being.

Therapy Can Help You Relax, Relieve Stress And Develop Healthy Coping Skills

With the right therapist and approach, therapy for anxiety can be extremely effective. Therapy can provide you with an outlet for stress and tips, tools and skills to help mitigate anxious thoughts, feelings and body sensations. It can also help you develop more mindfulness and healthy coping skills.

You CAN experience relief