You can find peace.

Freedom from weight and body obsession is possible. Disordered eating is not about the food itself. Rather, it is the life raft that we hold onto for dear life amidst the rushing waters that have spun us out of control. I can help you connect to your feelings and find healthier ways to express your needs and desires.

I will guide you through identifying what your eating disorder is attempting to communicate and help you to leave it behind once and for all. Through the practice of body positivity and intuitive eating, we will lovingly let go of the behaviors that once kept us afloat. My goal is for you to no longer drown in shame, guilt, and obsession through developing a healthier relationship with yourself, your body, and food.

I admire your courage in breaking the silence and seeking help. I encourage you to visit these websites for additional awareness and support:

Emily Siegel is featured as the eating disorders expert in “GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast,” available to stream on Amazon.